Welcome to Episode 4 of the
Holistic Oral Health Summit

Ty Bollinger

Your Cancer Risk EXPOSED

Surprising truth about smokeless tobacco and cancer risk
Deadly realities of root canal treated teeth
Most effective ways to reduce the risk of cancer

Leonard T. Fazio, DDS

Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings:
A Guide to Safe Removal

Biggest difference between a mercury-free and mercury-safe dentist
Important questions to ask a dentist before removing mercury fillings
Safe, step-by-step guide to removing mercury fillings

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Boyd Haley, PhD

Mercury Exposure: An Alzheimer’s Disease Alert

How mercury blocks the brain from functioning properly
Scientific proof that mercury in silver fillings can cause Alzheimer’s disease
Discover the best nutrients to safely detoxify mercury from the body

Chris Shade, PhD

Mercury Poisoning: Signs, Testing and a Detox Plan

Best ways to test for mercury toxicity
In-depth understanding about creating a successful detox plan
Substances to help eliminate heavy metals from the body

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Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN

Digestive Solutions:
The Oral Health-Gut Connection

Difference between non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease
How poor oral health can trigger "leaky gut" and other chronic diseases
Foods and supplements to reduce inflammation and improve digestion



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