Welcome to Episode 1 of the
Holistic Oral Health Summit

Dr. Robert Kleinwaks

Cancer Success Story: My Path to Healing

Revealing an extraordinary story of cancer healing
Learn how poor oral health can stress immunity and trigger cancer
The single best health tip, especially for cancer patients!

Oksana Sawiak,

Toxins and Bugs: The Dangers Lurking in the Mouth

Urgent warnings about gum disease
Learn about the best non-surgical gum treatments
How to safely eliminate parasites

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Dr. Blanche D. Grube

Is It Wise to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?

Health dangers associated with impacted wisdom teeth
What you need to know BEFORE extracting a wisdom tooth
How to properly extract a wisdom tooth (and its effect on energy levels)

Mike Adams

Conventional Dentistry: A Risk to Society

Special message for every conventionally-trained dentist
Why conventional dentistry is taking so long to change its ways
8 most ignored health enhancing techniques available to modern dentistry

Day 1

Suppressed Truths

Day 2

Hidden Disease Triggers

Day 3

Dangerous Dental Errors

Day 4

Avoiding Oral Toxicity

Day 5

Saving Your Teeth

Day 6

Non-Toxic Solutions

Day 7

Stop Gum Disease



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